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Ready. Aim. Don’t Spend.

Most of us are not wealthy people. That doesn’t matter.

We give small amounts of money to charities every year, confident that our contribution, added to thousands of others, will be enough to do good work. We talked about giving to some great organizations, whose success will help America restore its better self.

What we may not be as aware of is that our small purchases, for goods and services, when combined with millions of others, are financing a reign of hate speech that has changed our country for the worse. Back on 8/16, we talked about the influence of media on viewers, and how that has translated into the ballot box.

Since then, the right-wing media’s twisting of American thought is becoming increasingly brazen, using terrifying political terminology that no one would touch before. Fox News host Jesse Watters actually told viewers that we may “have a coup on our hands in America.”

We can stop this. There are a lot of us.

(Re-posted from Indivisible Ventura)

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